Congratulations – Dr. Muhilan


A Consultant Urologist at Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara (THKD), Dr. Muhilan Parameswaran focuses primarily on stones, prostate disorders, cancers, women’s health and laser surgery. We are proud to state that he has recently made the One Day MD’s list of “7 Best Urologists in Malaysia (2020)”, as well as being named “The 5 Best Urologists in Malaysia” by Trusted Malaysia.

Dr. Muhilan is a visiting doctor at our TMC Fertility Kepong centre. To make an appointment with him, please contact +603 6258 0000.

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What is Urology​?

Urology is a medical specialty that manages conditions such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, stones in the urinary tract, prostate problems in men, and urinary problems in both men and women. Common symptoms of urological problems include abdominal pain, blood in the urine, changes in urinary patterns, loss of appetite and weight. Treatment can be in the form of medications, laser or, as a last resort, surgery. Urological treatments are considered standard medical procedures and most are covered by insurance.