Fertility Treatment With EPF’s New Health Scheme

Here’s what you need to know.

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To download the LPP-2 Form https://rb.gy/fktgts
To download the KWSP 9D (AHL) https://rb.gy/bbrr1d
For more info from KWSP https://bit.ly/3hBbru1



What is Fertility Treatment Withdrawal?

The Fertility Treatment Withdrawal is an initiative implemented under the expansion of the EPF’s Health Withdrawal facility. This withdrawal initiative was introduced during the Budget 2020 announcement to help Malaysians who wish to seek for fertility treatment while easing the financial burden that comes with its high cost.


What types of fertility treatments are allowed for this withdrawal?

The fertility treatments allowed for this Withdrawal are as follows:
i. Intrauterine insemination (IUI);
ii. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF);
iii. Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection (ICSI).


What are the eligibility criteria to apply for Fertility Treatment Withdrawal?

The current eligibility criteria under the Health Withdrawal facility applies along with the following additional requirements:

i. The types of fertility treatments allowed are IUI, IVF & ICSI;
ii. Only legally married couples are allowed to apply;
iii. Treatment is received at local Medical Institutes only.


Are withdrawal applications allowed for the treatment of other medical conditions such as ‘Endometriosis’ before fertility treatment?

No. Members are eligible to make withdrawal only for critical illnesses and for fertility treatments approved by the EPF.


Are members eligible to make withdrawals for Fertility Treatment at Medical Institutions abroad?

Members are not eligible to make withdrawals for Fertility Treatment if receiving treatment at Medical Institutions abroad.


Can members make a Fertility Treatment Withdrawal for other family members?

No. Currently, this withdrawal is limited for own self or spouses only.


Are members/spouses applying for this Withdrawal allowed to claim for a reimbursement on the cost of treatment carried out?

Reimbursement of treatment costs is permissible and subject to current conditions.


How will the fertility treatment applications be considered for members / spouses who are sponsored by their employers?

  1. i) Full sponsorship
    -Member who have received full sponsorship from the employer or any organisation/agency, is not eligible for this withdrawal;ii) Partial sponsorship
    – If the member/spouse receives partial sponsorship, the member/spouse is only eligible to apply for the difference between the cost of treatment and the amount of sponsorship, or the balance of Account 2 savings (whichever is lower)


What action should be taken by the Medical Institutions if there is an excess in payment of the approved withdrawal amount?

The Medical Institutions need to return the excess payment to the EPF immediately.


Is there a frequency period for members to apply for the Fertility Treatment Withdrawal?

There is no pre-determined frequency period for members to apply for the Fertility Treatment Withdrawal. Approval of application is subject to the availability of savings balance in Account 2, similar to the one stipulated in the current requirements for Health Withdrawal.


Is Fertility Treatment Withdrawal limited to first or subsequent births?

Withdrawal for Fertility Treatment is unlimited and open to subsequent births subject to current conditions.


Are joint applications allowed for Fertility Treatment Withdrawal?

Yes. Joint applications are allowed to help couples cover the high cost of fertility treatment.


What is the payment method under Fertility Treatment Withdrawal?

The main payment method for Fertility Treatment Withdrawal is direct credit to the bank account.


How do members apply for the Fertility Treatment Withdrawal?

Members can submit their application for Fertility Treatment Withdrawal at any EPF branch office by completing the Health Withdrawal application form, KWSP 9D (AHL) with the supporting documents.


What are the supporting documents that need to be submitted when applying for the Fertility Treatment Withdrawal?

Supporting documents that need to be submitted are as follows:
i. Medical report from medical institution;
ii. Proof of relationship between member and spouse such as marriage certificate;
iii. Bill/receipt of treatment.


Can members cancel their registered application for Fertility Treatment Withdrawal?

Yes. Cancellation of application can be made as per current procedure.