1 in 6 couples face problems with fertility.

THIS MEANS you are not alone. Look around you – among six people, one of you would have trouble conceiving. As such, it only makes sense to seek treatment for it instead of waiting and hoping that the problem will resolve by itself over time. Infertility can and should be treated, just like any other medical condition.

Female fertility declines with age, especially after 35.

THIS MEANS the earlier you start your family, the better. After the age of 35, the number of good eggs in your ovaries would be significantly reduced and will continue declining in quality until menopausal age around 50.

Male fertility also declines with age.

THIS MEANS the number and quality of a man’s sperm is also affected by age. Although there are cases of much older men fathering children with young women half their age, these cases are not the norm and should not be emulated.

The longer the couple has to try to conceive, the smaller the chance of spontaneous conception.

THIS MEANS it is not recommended to delay childbearing because the reproductive system has an ‘expiry date’ unlike any other systems in the human body. However, couples who cannot or do not want to start a family immediately can now freeze/bank their eggs or sperm while they are young and healthy for a later date when they are ready.

Secondary subfertility has better outcome than primary subfertility.

THIS MEANS trying for a subsequent child after successfully conceiving naturally the first time is easier than treating a couple who have never had a child previously.

Intercourse occurring 6 days prior to ovulation increases chances of conception.

THIS MEANS timing matters! It is important to know About Ovulation and get your calendar marked for the best time to try for a baby.

Women’s BMI >20, <30 increase chance of conception.

THIS MEANS women (and men) who are overweight or obese are at higher risk of fertility problems. To increase your chances of conception, it is advisable to maintain a good weight for your height (BMI) before trying for a baby or starting fertility treatment.

Caffeine, smoking and recreation drugs reduce the chance of spontaneous conception.

THIS MEANS a lifestyle change is necessary if you’d like to start a family. Not only is this going to improve your chances of conceiving, it will also benefit your health generally and prepare you for the new challenges of being parents.

Infertility is 1/3 female problem, 1/3 male problem, 1/3 both or neither.

THIS MEANS that infertility is often caused by a combination of both partners. When the doctor conducts a fertility assessment, the results are not to find out who is to blame but to determine the best treatment plan to achieve pregnancy. Having a baby is a joint responsibility. It is important to remember that along your journey to conception because you will need each other’s physical, emotional and mental support along the way.

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