Micro-RNA based Receptivity Analysis



What is Micro-RNA based Receptivity Analysis?


Micro-RNA based Receptivity Analysis assesses a combination of miRNA biomarkers in order to determine the status of a patient’s endometrial receptivity, increasing the chances of IVF treatment success.

There are many factors contributing to a successful IVF cycle. One of these is identifying the optimal time (or window of implantation) for embryo implantation. By analyzing the endometrium’s tissue through genetic testing, Micro-RNA based Receptivity Analysis identifies each patient’s window of implantation, providing you and your patients with a personalized recommendation for future embryo transfers.



Benefits of using MIRA


Reduced IVF Treatment Cycles
Transferring the embryo at the right time can decrease the overall number of IVF treatment cycles needed before obtaining a successful pregnancy.


Stable and Sensitive miRNA Biomarkers
Micro-RNA based Receptivity Analysis can provide high-quality test results even with low sample amounts or low-quality samples. This reduces the fail rate and the need for resampling.


Faster Turnaround Time
With decentralized testing, Micro-RNA based Receptivity Analysis can be performed directly onsite, shortening the turnaround time.



When do I perform the Micro-RNA based Receptivity Analysis biopsy during an IVF treatment cycle?

MIRA is compatible with both Natural Cycles and Hormone Replacement Therapy Cycles


Micro-RNA based Receptivity Analysis is now available exclusively at all TMC Fertility Centres.



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