• When is the best time for an initial consultation with the doctor?

    You may see a doctor on any day of your menstrual cycle, whenever you are ready.

  • When do I start an IVF treatment cycle?

    It is best to begin on Day 21 to 23 of your menstrual cycle. However, if you are not able to come on Day 21 to 23, please inform our staff so that we can work out a plan that suits your schedule.

  • When can I confirm my pregnancy after the treatment?

    2 (two) weeks after the embryo transfer, a bHCG blood test is done to confirm pregnancy. It helps to relax instead of conducting tests from home pregnancy test kits every day. This will just increase anxiety levels unnecessarily.

  • My husband cannot be off from work for a long time to follow the treatment, what do we do?

    He can visit our clinic at his most convenient time to have his sperm frozen for future use.

  • Can I screen my embryo to make sure they are free of diseases? What diseases can you screen?

    We offer pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) to detect unbalanced translocation and numerical (e.g. Down syndrome) chromosomal abnormalities in embryos. This will help us to select embryos with no chromosomal abnormalities for transfer. PGD can diagnose genetic diseases, such as alpha and beta-thalassaemia. However, as genetic conditions are unique to each individual, please discuss with our doctor to find out more.

  • How accurate is PGS/PGD?

    The accuracy of PGS/PGD may vary with the method used. In general, the accuracy should be more than 95%.

  • What is the cost of IVF with PGD?

    Pre-implantation genetic screening allows us to screen all chromosomes in your embryos and select embryo(s) with no chromosomal abnormalities for transfer. The estimated cost of an IVF+PGS cycle including medication is about RM35,000 – RM50,000.

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