Ever wondered how your little one started on their journey? From a teeny weeny cell to an embryo? TMC Fertility’s Time-Lapse Technology fills your curiosity, and so much more! Specially designed incubators with built-in camera and microscope takes an image of embryos every 10 minutes, enabling embryologists to monitor embryos without removing them from the safe environment of the incubator. This technology has been associated with higher clinical pregnancy and live birth rate and lower early pregnancy loss.

Witness the miracle of life at it’s very beginning with our Time Lapse Imaging technology! At more than 70% clinical pregnancy rate, having a baby has never been more promising!

How is this possible? By having your embryo grow in a safe undisturbed environment, it provides the best information possible for our embryologist to select the embryo that is most likely to result in the birth of a healthy baby.


1. Allows continuous observation of embryos in an undisturbed environment for accurate analysis.

2. Provides a stable culture environment with tightly regulated temperature and purified air for embryo growth.

3. Captures high-quality image of embryos for seamless playback – patients can have a video of their developing embryo.

4. Improve implantation rate – boost the chance of transferring a viable embryo which stands a higher chance of implantation

5. Increase pregnancy chance – allows the most viable embryo to be selected for implantation and reduce the risk of pregnancy loss

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